Dear Editor,

I have been loosing a lot of sleep lately worrying about the "Axis of Evil" in N. Korea, Iran and Iraq. How does N. Korea fit in that axis? Talk about hard to believe conspiracy theories! Come on folks, President Bust said, " Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories ." This Axis of Evil is supposed to be in at least 12 countries give or take a couple. Come on what a Conspiracy that is! George said, "these new enemies view the entire world as a battlefield, and we must pursue them wherever they are." Now that clearly means to me, that we are going to go into any nation on earth and seek out individuals and either kill them or send them to detention camps. They will stay there until we figure out if they are prisoners of war or "unlawful combatants" or citizens or spies or criminals or just plain old evil creatures. I am beginning to long for the days we pondered what the meaning of is, is!

Well I know the actual definition of an "UNLAWFUL COMBATANT." That is any soldier in the U.S. military that is marching on foreign soil or doing anything the President of the U.S. says without a congressional declaration of war against a nation. Therefore, every U.S. Combatant is UNLAWFUL at this very moment. Joseph Biden Jr., Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he didn't know what Bush was talking about on these 12 other countries, and indicated that he should know something about that. Even a Republican Congressmen trying to sober up from the address said, "We can't declare war on the world, we will find ourselves all alone." Duh!

George said, "Thousands of dangerous killers, schooled in the methods of murder, often supported by outlaw regimes, are now spread throughout the world like ticking time bombs, set to go off without warning." Well what qualifies for an "outlaw regime?" Would that be a government that violates the constitution of the land they are ruling? Look around at America folks. Duh!


Can you tell me what the "Axis of Evil" is? This is as bad as "Operation Infinite Justice." He had to abandon that one it was so dramatic it smelled of grease paint. We all know that the only force that can defeat the Axis of Evil is the ALLIES OF GOOD led by CAPTAIN RIGHTEOUS. Does this sound like a Saturday morning kid show? Captain R and the AOG's have cornered the Axis of Evil in Bosnia, the Philippines, Somalia, Pakistan, N. Korea, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo. Quick Batman to the Bat Cave, call up the Power Rangers. Before we get lost in space here, it is a recognized law of nations that they have a right to self-protection. That is a deciding factor of a sovereign nation rather than a puppet state or colony. Duh! Just because a nation has nuclear power or an army or a navy is not reason to arbitrarily bomb and invade the country. HELLO


Ronald F. Avery