Dear Editor,

Mr. Ward has asked that I quit complaining and offer some solutions. After the smoke cleared from Mr. Ward's letter, he accused me of two things: being critical of king Bush (and his war on terrorism) and being an anarchist. Mr. Ward suggests that one becomes an anarchist if they criticize Bush's vision and war.

In reply to his first accusation, Mr. Ward's letter is indicative of his perception that usurpers should not be criticized when instituting their visions for the world by warfare. I must plead guilty to this accusation. And on this point I will go further. Even if all of America and our representatives had agreed with these visions, and declared war, and even if Bush were a lawful king, it would be a violation of the laws of nations and the principles of liberty to institute them. It is clear that Mr. Ward knows nothing of these principles. We merely have a right to self-protection against an act of war. We do not derive authority from an act of war based in Afghanistan to institute reforms in N. Korea, the Philippines, Iraq, Argentina, or any other place. This attempt by Bush illustrates the potential of a hidden agenda in place long before the 9/11 WTC. For world planners, the WTC was the perfect catalyst to install their "visions."

To the second accusation of being an anarchist I plead innocent. Since when has the king's visions and moods and whims for 3rd world discipline become the law of the United States? Who repealed the U.S. Constitution? My whole argument from the beginning has been that we have abandoned the laws of our nation in favor of some false vision for world peace. It is the Mr. Wards' of America that are comfortable with the caprice and visions of usurpers substituting for law.

Now, to comply with Mr. Ward's wishes I offer the following solutions to our predicament:

Mr. Ward, like so many others, is not equipped to view the seriousness of the American predicament. They have been deprived of the knowledge of the fundamentals of liberty, and the history of America. They have had the door to the kingdom closed in their face by clever theologians and politicians. Therefore, they are left with the only solution that is tolerable. GO ALONG TO GET ALONG. This is not a person one can despise but a person to live for and never give up on.


Ronald F. Avery