Dear Editor,

I have been watching the “education channel-9” TV in the last few days tell me about Kim of N. Korea wanting to blow me up with weapons of mass destruction and how to become good at “Avoiding Armageddon,” and about “Cyber War.” All of these shows for my consumption leave out the potential of our own government being the embodiment of global evil. Why not discuss that? Is there a rule that channel 9 can’t cover the reality of governments going bad, being completely hijacked by terrorists. You can have terrorists in jets, in your computer, in the world, in your food, in your water, in your air, in your home, one of your kids or your parents. But never is the terrorist located in your government. How strange! The terrorists are everywhere and anywhere but in your government. Your government is capable of remaining completely sound and pure and holy and righteous unlike all other things in the world. Come on folks get with it. Some terrorists have hijacked our constitution and are crashing it into the people.

You say, come on, it’s a document that needs to be changed to meet the problems of today. The constitution once protected the property (life, liberty, possessions) of each citizen. Those that would take your possessions have by necessity taken some of your liberty and he that would take your liberty will ultimately take your life. So while we learn by TV to fear other nations, international terrorists, our town our friends and family take a little time to consider the most deadly WMD. Take time to turn off your Weapon of Mass Delusion and read about the founding fathers and the Christian fundamentals of liberty. If you need a reading list call me at 830/560-1709. You will never be secure in government. Security comes from knowledge of liberty only and its fundamentals.



Ronald F. Avery