Dear Senator,

I hear "experts" on TV try to tell me what "our job" is on the "Road Map To Peace" between "Israel" and Palestine. The only possible "job" for Christian America is to take a Christian stand against the fraudulently created modern "state of Israel." As a Christian, I have had to do my own study of the scripture to be transformed into the Kingdom of Heaven. In this process I have also found that Christ Jesus is the fulfillment of all the promises to the Jews. The creation of a "homeland for the Jews" in Palestine is not Biblical and even if it was God would follow the same Christian principles of civil government in its creation that he has taught his disciples through his Son, Jesus Christ. These principles were discovered by Christians and established by the blood of Christian patriots. But many Christians in America have been lied to concerning the modern state of Israel by their pastors.

Our allegiance to Israel has cost us dearly in the loss of liberty and a dangerous foreign policy that is in a constant state of war with all men. Iraq has become intolerable and it was conducted for oil and the defense of the ill formed state of Israel. I now think Bush with his mess in Iraq needs help bad and I hate to think the bombing of the UN in Baghdad was an effort to obtain help from the UN. Bushian troops are killed every day in Iraq. And Bush can't find the WMD and he cannot justify the war he started in Iraq. It is not terror in Iraq that kills us but their fight for their own land that we have stolen without right.

For this reason I have become vocal in expressing the truth about "Israel" and its theological and Biblical want of a "right to exist." The Jews nor Christians can show a Biblical reason for the modern state of Israel. And since the Jews have never obtained a consent from the inhabitants of the land of Palestine for their existence, they have failed to establish a legitimate government in "Israel." They live by force and fraud in denial of Christ. They are Hell bound and will be destroyed with the brightness of his return.

I therefore adjure you to make a stand against any further US occupancy of Iraq and an immediate break with the fraudulent state of "Israel" or you too may very well suffer destruction at the return of Christ Jesus.


Ronald F. Avery

Citizen of the New Jerusalem in the Present Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that came down from Heaven in the person of Jesus Christ.