Dear Senator,

That latest “bioterrorism” deal in the Senator Dirksen Office Building in Washington D.C. was pretty lame. I can't see “al Qaeda terrorists” in these high level government office buildings and I don't think any other Americans are buying that scenario either. And as soon as the videos of the collapse of Building 7 of the World Trade Center are wide spread, nobody is going to buy the “Osama Bin Laden” scenario either. In case you are not familiar with this video, I will describe it to you.

Building 7 was 47 stories tall. It was not hit by a jet nor did any debris from the twin 110 story towers 1 and 2 fall on it. Two small fires can be seen through the windows on two floors that are apparently not significant enough to break glass on the same floor. While pictures of Building 6 show intense fires throughout the floors and almost all exterior glass broken yet it did not collapse. At 5:25 PM Building 7 with no fires licking its skin or any other apparent trouble, suddenly collapses. One of the video clips shows a roof view of the mechanical penthouse falling into the center of the building and commencing the downward decent of the whole building intact as it falls in a very controlled manner. One does not need to be an architect or engineer to perceive that this is a perfect demolition with computerized explosive charges. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) report says they don't know how the small fires seen earlier that day contributed to the collapse of building 7. They also say they do not know at this time how Building 7 fell down. The videos that I have seen convince me of how it fell down - conventional demolition techniques!

The New York Port Authority decided to lease the World Trade Center to Larry Silverstein just two months before this “attack.” Mr. Silverstein bought insurance and replaced some of the security personnel during this period. After the “attack” Mr. Silverstein made his insurance claim for twice the amount of the face value of the policy insisting that there were two jets, or two separate “attacks.” I hope no insurance claim was paid for Building 7. I can no longer ignore an apparently powerful anti-gentile “jihad” in America.

Now, after observing the demolition of WTC Building 7, I am convinced that the twin towers were also a well orchestrated computer controlled demolition. A demolition program with enough computer modeling capacity could instantly correct and control sequences of explosions at any floor in an instant and in any portion of the buildings, vertically and horizontally. What was the second event induced in the twin towers after the fire from the jet fuel was quickly consumed leaving the buildings with only black holes and smoke from some locations evincing oxygen starved cooling zones? Would this event not be explosive charges signaled to the location of crashes and sequenced from there down and up?

Could this high-tech computer modeled demolition of the entire WTC complex not be executed from Mayor Galliano's Emergency Command Center built into the 23rd floor of Building 7? Why not put this Command Center on the top of Building? Would all the evidence in there be destroyed if it was on the top of the building? This Command Center had its own air and water system separate from the building and was clad with bullet and bomb proof glass. Do mayors need this kind of facility to catch drug dealers and hookers and street gangs, and restore power and such? How many other mayors around the country have facilities like this?

What would prevent Russia, Germany and France from building a replica of the Twin Towers about ten or fifteen floors high and remotely crash a worn out 757 into it full of fuel? Can we chance such a model burning out in twenty minutes and leaving the building standing soundly ten plus years later? Would this not forever destroy the perception of America around the world? Our license to attack the world is about to expire. Read Eric Hufschmid's book and see his video at Painful Questions.

Can the American Senate afford to continue down this path of global and domestic intrigue, terrorism, tyranny and destruction? We know these investigation committees are going to find nothing because some on these committees are connected with those that are privy to the designs. But the people will not continue to believe all this mess while the manipulation techniques are getting sloppier and more desperate all the time. I am convinced we have a “shadowy terrorist network” in control of our central “government” and I know this perception is in rapid growth among the people of America and abroad.

I urge you to distance yourself from those who are privy to these designs upon our nation and world and to speak up for the liberties of all Americans and repeal all measures that restrict the freedom of Americans to protect themselves from a runaway centralized “government.” I therefore humbly request in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the author and sustainer of liberty, that you return to your job of defending the constitution and the people of the united States of America by establishing the provisions of the law of the land.

Ronald F. Avery