What's all this about?

  1. This whole suit against GBRA is about them damaging several different types of my property.
  2. Their defense is that they own my life, liberty and possessions because they are an arm of the state.
  3. GBRA says that the state has sovereignty and sovereign immunity to harm me without recourse.
  4. That means the state owns the lives, liberties and possessions of all the Citizens of Texas.
  5. The state does indeed claim to have sovereignty over the citizens of Texas by the adoption of ancient monarchial common law that says, "The King can do no wrong," and that "The King owns all the property," and that "subjects cannot sue the King in his courts without his permission."
  6. My position is that this common law adoption does not pass the repugnancy test of Art. 16 Section 48 of the Constitution of the State of Texas and that the 11th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is silent on citizens suing their own state.
  7. So why scream about taxes? Everything you thought you owned, the state owns including the "money" you earn and everything you buy and your life, and liberty.
  8. The State of Texas as all other states in the U.S. have not waived their fictitious "Sovereign Immunity" to intentionally harm your life, liberty and possessions without recourse.
  9. Therefore, you don't live where you thought you lived.
  10. Your Constitutions which stand in opposition to "sovereignty" in the hands of the state Art. 1 Section 1, 2 & 3 are ignored and rendered irrelevant by adoption of ancient monarchial common law which is repugnant to the Constitution of Texas.
  11. Please pray that the Honorable Judge B.B. Schraub rule in my favor and deny GBRA's "Plea to the Jurisdiction" and make himself and all other Texans PROPERTY OWNERS. Read Plaintiff's Response to Defendants' Plea to the Jurisdiction under Avery v GBRA.
  12. Please help me notify all Americans as to what has happened to the land of the free and the brave and how it happened.
  13. There simply is no more important case in the world than this one right here. This will indeed ripple throught out all the states of the Union restoring legitimate government in America.