Dear Editor,

What we witnessed Tuesday, September 11, 2001 was the most astonishing destruction of human life in the United States. And that mental image is exactly what was intended. You saw the beast come down out of the sky and blow up the largest two buildings in New York City!  But what you did not see that day is more important. You did not see, nor did you care to see, the beast build that building in 1976. The World Trade Center was built upon the long time corruption of the American Constitution by the printing of paper money! Paper money is absolutely forbidden in the U.S. Constitution. This issue took much time to air at the Constitutional Convention and all agreed to make it illegal.

James Madison, the architect of the U.S. Constitution, said in Federalist Letter #44:

"The extension of the prohibition to bills of credit must give pleasure to every citizen in proportion to his love of justice and his knowledge of the true springs of public prosperity." Madison said in a letter to George Washington on April 17, 1887, "There has not been any moment since the peace at which the representatives of the Union would have given an assent to paper money or any other measure of a kindred nature." Madison also noted that Mr. Gerry at the Convention said, "The national Legislature with such a power (to print paper money) may enslave the States. Such an idea will never be acceded to."

But now, not only will we serve the beast and his world wide economic tyranny, as before, but we will serve the beast with love, devotion, loyalty and valor. We will "come together in unity" and we will go into the shadows and kill the "terrorists." But where, who, and what? The steel that once held up the World Trade Center will now be forged into chains that we will put on with great joy and jubilation! Even the Christian church will serve him in peace. And the doubting questioners will be purged from fellowship.

Was Thomas Jefferson just a slave molester, or a powerful outspoken opponent of corrupt centralized banking? Was Andrew Jackson just a Indian hater, or the greatest American hero against the powerful monopoly of paper money and centralized banking? How did our forefathers know to write a document that would be hated by world-wide-tyranny?

They knew the nature of man was evil and could not be made good by democracy. But they knew Christ had saved them all and that civil government should respect that fact of equality of all men in a Republic under God. Samuel Adams knew that the Declaration of Independence was the establishment of God's Kingdom in Civil Government. We have been deceived out of our inheritance. But the door to the Kingdom of Heaven cannot be closed by any but Christ himself. I will continue that proclamation while I have breath. Thank you Jesus!


Ron Avery